Hair Fall

How to control hair fall? Scared of losing all your hairs? Is dry and frizzy hair ruining your appearance?

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Healthy, Long & Strong?

Searching for an organic way to take care of your hair? Seeking natural Ayurvedic hair care?

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Anti Dandruff

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff? For Dandruff Free Hair. It Enhances The Health Of Your Hair And Scalp.

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Silky Potion

Keeps your hair smooth and strong the entire day with the natural silky potion from Trichup

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Vasu Healthcare developed formulation with extraordinary efficacy for hair problems and launched it as Brand Trichup in 1990. Trichup (Trich + up) literally means healthy hair growth. Trichup is India’s largest prescribed hair care brand. The success of Trichup was due to the unique formulation of Trichup Oil with 14 powerful herbs formulated in sesame oil through a patented process. The unique process developed as part of R&D ensured retention of essence of herbs in the formulation. Thus became Trichup – India’s most powerful herbal therapeutic hair care brand.

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Hair Fall Cream

Herbal hair Cream

Anti Dandruff Cream

Natural Henna Powder

Herbal Hair Powder

Hair Fall Control

  • Reduce Hair Fall & Thinning Hair
  • Improves Hair Texture
  • Repairs Damaged Hair

Healthy Long & Strong

  • Provides Healthy & Long Hair
  • Strengthen Hair Roots
  • For Entire Family


  • Removes and Protects from Dandruff
  • Improves Scalp Health
  • Restore Normal Health of Scalp

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