Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong Shampoo

Trichup HLS Shampoo 200ml

Say hello to healthy, long & strong hair with Trichup’s top of the line herbal shampoo!

No more scalp dryness, hair breakage or damaged hair. Your days of spending thousands on chemical based products, that may be harmful and ultimately fail in curing your dry, broken and frizzy hair are now gone.

With amazing properties of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Henna within Trichup’s herbal shampoo, your hair will be enriched with all the essential nutrients needed to soothe your dry scalp, nourishes the cuticles from top down, conditions the follicles completely and restores your hair’s natural moisture balance.

Trichup’s herbal shampoo is also extremely gentle on your hair thanks to it’s natural composition and with Aloe Vera (very rich in proteins) being the main ingredient, your hair will be strengthened beyond all your expectations.

Why Trichup Herbal Shampoo?

  • Thoroughly cleanses your scalp and hair gently
  • Enriches hair roots with essential nutrients and detoxifies them
  • Strengthens hair with proteins and vitamins
  • Significantly diminishes hair fall
  • Helps in maintaining hair’s natural moisture

Available in

100ml & 200ml opaque flip-top bottle  

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How to use It



Wet hair and scalp thoroughly.



Apply a sufficient amount of Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong shampoo on scalp and hair strands

Lather it from the scalp to ends of the hair.




Massage the scalp using fingers



Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly

Repeat if necessary



Special Ingredient

hfc cream 3
Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth.


hfc cream 6
Henna will leave your hair thick, silky and healthy.

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