Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong Cream

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Trichup Herbal Hair Cream– Healthy, Long & Strong contains the natural goodness of Saw palmetto and Liquorice. It is further enriched with Soya protein and Almond oil, which are known toensure essential nourishment to hair.For healthy, long & strong hair, Trichup is a preferred choice of millions. Its non-greasy formula is ideal for everyday use.Apply regularly to keep your hair healthy,lustrous and shiny all day long.

Why Trichup HLS Herbal Hair Cream?

  • Revitalizes hair, gives it natural bounce and luster
  • Provides soothing effect
  • Delays hair greying by stimulating the melanin content within the follicles
  • Enriched with Soya protein, almond oil & Aloe vera extract

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200 ml  

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How to use

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Apply Trichup Herbal Hair Cream after every wash on wet hair




Condition only on roots using your finger tips


Trichup Herbal Hair Cream ought to be used routinely for smooth and shiny hair, preferably on a daily basis.

Special Ingredient

Neem relieves itching and keeps the scalp healthy and free from infections. It also prevents dandruff.


lemon helps to treat a dry scalp and dandruff.

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